Kerry Washington launches make-up for all skin tones

London: Actress Kerry Washington has created a diverse make-up range to help women feel “flirty and elegant”.

Washington, 41, felt intimidated by the overwhelming choice of products in the beauty industry. So, she decided to create an affordable eye and cheek palette for people to achieve the look they want with minimal effort, reports

“The beauty industry can feel so intimidating and complicated, so I wanted to create a palette that would be an easy, go-to toolkit that you can use no matter where you are, and no matter what you are doing,” Washington told Marie Claire magazine.

“These palettes are user-friendly, so you can feel flirty and elegant and all of your best qualities without a lot of work. Neutrogena really is about bringing the best version of yourself forward, both when you are wearing make-up and when you are taking it off,” she added.

The “Scandal” star has collaborated with the brand Neutrogena for the line. She has been involved in the process from start to finish and even tried the foundations herself to ensure they stayed fresh all day.

She has ensured there’s something for everyone.

“Not every colour is going to look good on everyone. Obviously, I’m a woman of colour, so I want to be able to use it, too, but I also wanted everyone to be able to find a few shades they can use in each palette, even if it’s your three best friends of three different races,” Washington said.