Kerala’s literacy rate is 90%: BJP leader on why the party is not growing in state

Kochi: BJP leader and lone party MLA O Rajagopal in an interesting statement revealed why the party is not growing fast in Kerala. He cited the education level in the state to be the reason why the party is not growing fast in Kerala. “Literacy is an important factor and Kerala has a literacy rate of 90 percent,” he said.

“Kerala is a state with a difference. There are two-three distinguishing factors. There is 90 per cent literacy in Kerala. They are thinking, they are argumentative… These are habits of educated people. That is one issue,” he said in an interview with the Indian Express.

“The second specialty is that there are 55% Hindus and 45 per cent minorities in the state. Therefore, this difference will be there in all calculations. That is why Kerala cannot be compared with any other state. The situation here is different but we are growing slowly and steadily,” Rajagopal said.

He also claimed that the left seems to have a slight edge and people are afraid of associating with Congress.

The statements garnered various interesting reactions and one such reaction came from Congress MP Shashi Tharoor who took to Twitter and wrote, “It was wonderful to see my good friend & erstwhile opponent O Rajagopal let the cat out of the bag in this interview to Manoj of the ⁦@IndianExpress An authoritative BJP source admits that Keralites don’t vote for the BJP because they are educated & can think!!”