Kerala woman Haseena Nishad made managing director of UAE group

Abu Dhabi: Haseena Nishad (32), a UAE citizen of Indian nationality has been made the managing director of World Star Holdings.

Haseena Nishad hails from a community in rural Kerala and moved to UAE post her marriage in 2008 to Nishad Hussain. Haseena had not considered employment for the longest time but things changed once her children started their schooling. In 2014, Haseena joined her husband in running the business of World Star Holdings which diversified sectors in manpower, contracting, facilities management, and real estate.

 “When my youngest child started going to playschool, I felt I had a lot of time that I could use productively. While I was studying, I always wanted to work in the future. But doing business was out of the question as nobody from my parents’ families was into business — let alone women. Though my husband’s family is into business, the other daughters-in-law in the family have been housewives,” she told Gulf News.

Haseena said that her husband’s unconditional support coupled with her graduation in commerce gave her the confidence to work. She soon took charge of the company’s head office in Sharjah, while her husband focused on expanding the business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Haseena with her husband Hussain and their four children. Photo credit: Gulf News

Haseena got accustomed in dealing with the day-to-day activities of the group, while also focusing on taking care of workers and finding timely solutions to issues.

“We have always given utmost importance to the wellbeing of our workers. Their wellbeing and satisfaction are the mantras behind our success and I take a personal interest in ensuring that it is implemented. We feel blessed to be supporting more than 5,000 families while we offer the best possible facilities to all our employees in labour accommodations.”

Aside from managing her employees, she continued working for the company during the COVID-19 pandemic alongside projects like Expo 2020, Dubai, and Etihad Rail.

Speaking about his wife, Hussain remarked that Haseena has played a crucial role in expanding the business. “She brings her personal touch to everything she does. She is very business savvy and finds quick solutions to every problem.” he said.

Haseena gave birth to her fourth child during the COVID-19 pandemic and proudly manages both her home affairs as well as the responsibilities of the company up to date.