Girls and boys must maintain 1 metre distance: Kerala School

In bizarre news, a school in Kerala has issued a diktat for students. It has reportedly asked girls and boys to maintain one metre distance in the school premises, hoping to see a reduction in the rising offensive crimes against girl.

The school is managed by Mary Roy, the mother of acclaimed author and renowned social activist Arundhati, near Chidambarampady Junction, in Kalathilpady, Rubber Board Rd, Kottayam.


The senior students have been allegedly asked to stop talking to junior students and have been told to avoid friendship with them. However, there is an exception to the bizarre rule for co-curricular activities like theatre, choir, etc.

The rule may be relaxed according to activities like theatre, coir etc and the students will participate in all activities as equals. However the school principal reportedly refused to comment on the issue. Mary Roy founded the school in 1967. It is said to be one of the top ranked schools of Kerala.