‘Kerala mein kushti, aur Delhi mein dosti’: PM Modi slams Cong, CPI (M); questions Rahul Gandhi for contesting from Wayanad

Thiruvanthapuram: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday hit out at Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s decision to contest from Wayanad stating it was “appeasement politics”.

PM Modi also questioned why the Congress leader could not contest from Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala’s capital if he wanted to send a message to the South.

“Congress president had to come to Wayanad here to secure his place in Parliament. He says he will not speak a word against CPI (Marxist). Kerala mein kushti, aur Delhi mein dosti, yahi inka khel hai,” PM Modi said while addressing a rally here.

“Congress’ ‘Naamdaar’ says he is contesting from Wayanad because he wanted to send a message to South. Couldn’t you contest from Trivandrum to give the message? It is the capital. It is not a message to South, but a message of appeasement politics,” he added.

The Prime Minister further slammed the Congress party and CPI (Marxist) for creating tensions in Kerala. “It is in front of you what the Congress and the Communists have done to the brotherhood, faith and trust in Kerala,” he said.

“When India is on the path of development, it becomes imperative to get India rid of the Congress and Communist culture. In democracy, governments are formed and voted out on the basis of ideologies. However, the ideology of the Congress and Communist is of opportunism,” the Prime Minister said.

“I would like to tell the BJP workers that one day Kerala will be free of politics of violence. Their sacrifice will not go in vain,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi said that because of CPI (Marxist), “the situation in Kerala is so bad that people can’t even pray to their deity. If they do, they are thrashed and put behind the bars.”

“Let me assure that on May 23 when we again form government, we will fight for your faith from court to Parliament. BJP’s stand is clear. But, Congress is playing a dangerous double game. They say something in Delhi, something else in Kerala. It is important to understand their two faces,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi also slammed Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

“It is becoming clear now that Kerala floods was less of a natural calamity and more of negligence of Kerala government,” he said.