Kerala: Killed over conversion, kin of Faisal alias Anil Kumar takes up Islam

MALAPPURAM: Eight members of Faisal alias Anil Kumar’s family converted to Islam after Faisal hacked to death with the support of his relatives who feared that he would convert more family members to the Islamic religion.

According to Deccan Chronicle, a source close to the family confirmed that Faisal’s two sisters; brother-in-law and their five children embraced Islam two weeks ago and are now learning the basics. Their conversion has been registered at Mounathul Islamic Sabha at Ponnani.

Faisal’s wife and children had converted to Islam a week before his death. Faisal’s mother Meenakshi too embraced Islam a few days after her son’s tragic killing and assumed the name Jameela.

On November 19, 2016, Faisal alias Anil Kumar was brutally hacked to death for converting to Islam allegedly by Sangh Parivar supporters in Kodinhi.

Fondly known as Unni, Faisal’s body was found with deep cuts by a sharp-edged weapon on his head and stomach.

The police had arrested 16 persons including prime accused, RSS workers, Faisal’s brother-in-law Vinod for Faisal’s murders who are out on bail now.