Kerala: Hacker responds to Chakrapani’s remarks with ‘beef curry’ recipe

NEW DELHI: Team Kerala Cyber Warriors on Friday hacked the official website of Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha after its chief and self-styled godman Swami Chakrapani Maharaj made an insensitive remark linking Kerala flood relief and beef.

According to media reports, the landing page of the website ( now reads “HACKED BY GH057_ROO7” and also shows the logo of Kerala Cyber Warriors displaying a small video clip of a recipe to make “Kerala Spicy Nadan Beef Curry”.

The website hacking was clearly a response to Chakrapani’s controversial statement that “only people who do not consume beef should be helped in flood-hit Kerala.”

“It is a sin to rescue beef-eaters, those who don’t kill animals should be helped,” the hackers posted on the website.

Calling chakrapani a ‘psycho’, it says, “To Chakrapani Psycho, we respect people for their character and not for their habits.”

“My middle finger salutes you,” it adds.

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The self-styled godman on Wednesday courted a controversy after he claimed that many innocent people were killed due to cow slaughtering in the state. “I am also appealing for help in Kerala. But help should be given to those who respect nature and creatures. When roti was available to people in Kerala, they were slaughtering the cow to eat her meat. So, what I mean is that Hindus should provide help to those who avoid cow meat,” Chakrapani had told ANI.