Kerala: This godman wants affidavit ‘never to eat BEEF’ to get flood relief

NEW DELHI: Self-Styled Godman Chakrapani Maharaj made a controversial statement suggesting that the beef-eating Malyalis should not receive any kind of help in rain-battered Kerala since the act of killing cows have caused massive floods and destruction.

Chakrapani, the leader of the All India Hindu Mahasabha that if the flood-hit victims who did not eat beef were to be saved and provided relief and the ‘Beef eaters’ can receive help, he said in an ANI interview, if they write on an affidavit that they’ll never again eat beef.

In an interview to India Today TV, Chakrapani said that a person should be asked whether he/she eats beef and if they co-operate, only in that case they should be provided relief and assistance.

Chakrapani, who once burned a car owned by Dawood Ibrahim, after a successfully bid at an auction is included in a list of “fake babas” by All India Akhara Parishad.

The unprecedented rains have brought Kerala to a standstill and the people of the flood-hit state requires unqualified support, generous assistance regardless of what they like to eat.