Kerala floods: Emirates to carry 175 tonnes of relief cargo

Dubai: Dubai-based Emirates SkyCargo will carry flood relief cargo of more than 175 tons to the southern Indian state of Kerala, which is reeling under the flood fury from the past couple of weeks.

The airline company is expected to send over more than a dozen flights to transport the relief goods, which have been donated by scores of organisations and UAE-based businesses, to Thiruvananthapuram— the nearest online Emirates station to the areas which are most affected by the heavy downpour and flooding.

This development came after the Emirates Airline took to their official Twitter handle on Friday and wrote, “Emirates SkyCargo joins the UAE community in their support of the people of Kerala, India by transporting over 175 tons of flood relief cargo.#UAEsupportsKerala.”

The goods, including blankets, lifesaving boats and dry food products, will be given to the local organisations which are undertaking several ground-level measures in order to provide relief to victims in the flood-stricken Kerala.

As Kerala has been facing the worst flooding in a century, the entire world has come forward to provide aid to the deluged state in the need of the hour. So far, at least 357 people have lost their lives so far, and the state has incurred a loss of Rs 19,512 crore. Rescue and relief operations have been stepped up to evacuate the stranded people from the flood-affected areas.