Kerala flood: Here’s how right wing ideologues communalise relief aid

Hyderabad: Kerala is facing the worst ever flood this year and the relief amounts are pouring in not only from various parts of the country but also abroad.

One such major donation has come from Qatar to the tune of 5.2 million dollar. Home Minister of Qatar HE Abdullah bin Nasir informed on his Twitter account that the King of Qatar Tameem bin Hammad has sanctioned 5.2 million dollar and assured that the people of UAE share the grief of Kerala.

In the same manner, King of Dubai, Shaik Mohammed bin Rashed wrote on his Twitter account that a committee has been constituted for extending cooperation in this regard. He has also made an appeal to the citizens of the Kingdom to donate to the victims of flood in Kerala.

It may be mentioned that Shaik Mohammed bin Rashed made this appeal in English and Malayalam languages.

On the other hand, if the twitter accounts of right-wing ideologues are reviewed, they reveal that they are communalising even the flood situation. For example, Malhotra has made an appeal to help only the Hindu victims and said that there is no need to help the Muslims. The other few twitter accounts wrote that the flood victims of Kerala need no help as the beef festival is celebrated in the State. They also tweeted that there is no need for Govt. of India for taking up any relief work in Kerala as this State is famous for leftist ideology and it is their destiny to suffer from the impacts of the flood.

An objective review of these twitter accounts reveals that even in this hour of grief, Hindutva followers have no value for human life. No BJP ruled State has come forward to donate for these victims. Karnataka State which is also facing flood situation has announced relief for the flood victims of Kerala.

[source_without_link]Siasat News[/source_without_link]