Kelly Clarkson doesn’t want to be ‘perfect’ singer

London: Singer Kelly Clarkson says she does not wish to be “perfect” when it comes to singing.

The “Because of You” hitmaker said she prefers put more emotion in her songs rather than perfection, reported Contactmusic.

“I have changed drastically from when I started. I grew up singing classical music, and everything had to be perfect. All of those competitions: you had to nail it, every time. That came down to tone and pitch and lyrics. So when I first started, I was really hard on myself.

“…I’m not perfect every time you see me, but I’m definitely having fun. I’d rather be an emotional singer than a perfect one. But learning that was a good ol’ big bridge that I had to cross. I feel like if you harp on it too much, you lose the soul and you start to sound like a robot. Which certain producers love! But I don’t!” Clarkson said.