Kejriwal urges rent-free land, houses for Mohalla Clinics

New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday urged the people living in the national capital to provide rent-free land or houses to the Delhi government for setting-up of the Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinics.

The state’s Health and Family Welfare Department, in a print advertisement, said: “Your government needs your help” and urged the people to “partner for a noble cause”.

In a series of questions, the advertisement reads: “Can you provide your empty house or land to the Delhi government free of rent for setting-up a Mohalla Clinic?

“Can a group of people collectively provide a house/land free of rent in their area for setting-up a Mohalla Clinic?

“If you or your organisation have sufficient financial resources by the grace of God, can you hire a few premises in some areas of Delhi and provide these free of rent to the Delhi Government setting-up a Mohalla Clinic?”

It added that in case the answer is yes, “then the Delhi government will set-up Mohalla Clinics in these areas for free treatment of all”.

For the rent-free house, the minimum time period will be two years and for rent-free land, the same will be 10 years.

Kejriwal in a tweet also urged people to “partner in the noble cause”.

On Saturday, Kejriwal said that his government will give 1,000 Mohalla Clinics to Delhi.

“As soon as we came into power, we established 150 Mohallah Clinics in Delhi in the first six months. It was liked by the people so much that we planned to give 1,000 such clinics to the public. All the planning was done. The file was forwarded to the Delhi LG, who sat on it for three years.

“Now, within next six months, Delhi will get 1,000 Mohallah Clinics. Every colony, every sector will have a clinic,” he said while addressing a public gathering.