Keeping kids from `sexting, internet` top health concerns

Washington DC, Aug 11 : A new study has revealed that sexting and internet safety have climbed up the top 10 list of child health concerns in the US.
Childhood obesity, bullying, and drug abuse remained the top three child health concerns for a second year in a row, while child abuse and neglect ranked fifth.

Matthew M. Davis of the Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit said that the major health issues that people were most worried about for children across the country reflected the health initiatives providers, communities and policy makers should be focused on.

He added that the increasing level of concern about Internet safety and sexting that were now ranked even higher than smoking as major childhood health issues really dominates the story this year.

Davis added that the public might find benefits to today’s shifting media environment, whether through cell phones or other technology, many also recognise risks that might make young people vulnerable.

Meanwhile, sexting and internet safety were not as high on the list for African American adults, who rated depression fourth, school safety fifth and alcohol abuse as the seventh highest childhood health concerns.

The scientists found that adults from different communities across the US see the challenges of child health differently, adding that it was important to understand the priorities of different communities as they were trying to reach to safeguard children’s health and help them live the healthiest lives they can.

While white, African American and Hispanic respondents all list childhood obesity and bullying in the top three child health issues, Hispanics list child abuse and neglect as the No. 3 health concern for kids across the U.S. Overall.

Davis said that this was an area we must continue to focus on in medical care, in public health efforts and also in health policy making. (ANI)