We are keeping close eyes on SAFFRON agenda: Rabey Hasani Nadwi AIMPLB

Ahmedabad: Maulana Saiyed Muhammed Rabey Hasani Nadwi, president of the All India Muslim Personal Law board and Mohtamim Nadwatul Ulema, Lucknow was in Ahmedabad for two days on 23rd and 24th Jan,2016 to inaugurate three school building of Shama School and to lay foundation of ITI in vatva area of city. The Gujarat Sarvajnik Welfare Trust- a Muslim NGO, is brain behind all projects to uplift education and employment in Muslims which is run by founder trustee Afzal Memon .On the sideline of these functions, Ahmedabad based GUJARAT SIASAT Editor has a freewheeling interview with MAULANASAHEB. Some excerpts of face to face.


Q – The Muslim community, it seems, is not going to take lightly the hints from the central BJP government to withdraw the minority status from Aligarh Muslim University . Modi government is trying to do away minority tag with these institutions. what is your view about these events?

A- Government’s attempt to remove the minority status of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is a clear interference in the constitutional rights given to the minorities. “Aligarh University was not only started by Muslims, they have also made huge sacrifices to keep it running. The University is a symbol of those sacrifices and the government cannot take it away.but it also reflects the shaky commitment of the current dispensation towards the diversity of the Nation.It is part of saffron agenda. it is politically motivated. but we will fight against all odds.

Q- If Modi government continues these efforts and may not change its stand, what will AIMPB’s attitude?

A–As you know, AIMPB is always focus on to implement Sharia based laws in country, so this is a little different issue. it has legal and political parameters, so we will join with other Muslim organizations like JUH, JIH, Mushawarat and Milli council on this contentious issue to save AMU and Jamia Milla too under common platform.

Q- How do u see the present atmosphere of intolerance and fear among Muslims as communal popularization gets momentum after this new government came to power?

A- Yes, the situation is not good but we are still keeping close on the every move of government.Attempts are being made to make the minorities in the country feel unsafe. We observe all such activities and carefully analyse them.we have very strong constitution. It has given so many rights to Muslims. Secularism is essence of country. Saffron elements have raised their ugly head in the country, but i still hope that Indian constitution is cover for all minorities, Dalits and downtrodden people .Polarisation is enemy of progress and prosperity of the nation.

Q- Once again Ram Mandir issue hots up in the country as election in UP Is on cards, what is your view about this controversy. BJP Leader Swamy has gone vicious on this issue?

A-The Ram Mandir- Babri Majid case is in the Supreme Court and a stay order is active. We don’t fear the extremist and hate-filled statements being made in this regard as we have full faith in our judiciary.Nobody can snatch judiciary. Swami and other Hindu fringe elements now want to hijack judiciary but it will not happen.

Q– You are here for educational functions, how do you see educational empowerment of Indian Muslims particularly in wake of sachar recommendations?

A-This 21st century is of Knowledge. Quran first word is IQRA. In past Muslims had great knowledge in every sphere but unfortunately we lost the way but now once again we are trying to regain lost ground. Our religion gives utmost importance to education and its only through education that we can succeed and lead the world towards enlightenment. The people of this era have far greater responsibilities than those before them. “Allah has tasked us with mission of spreading the light of knowledge. Responsibility is given only to those who have the ability to perform it. We have the example of our prophet from whom we can learn as to how can we spread education.”

Q–There were reports before some months, a close sources of PMO tried to arrange your meeting with PM MODI, is it correct? what happened then after?

A–it is not correct. no initiative was taken from any side.we are watching. At present AIMPLB has no plan to meet in top leader of government. constitution and judiciary are cornerstone of the our great country.

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