To keep a pet dog get NOC from neighbours

Kochi: Civic body of Kochi have brought in a new law, which states that one has to get a No Objection Certificate from neighbours to keep a pet dog. V K Minimol, health standing committee chairperson, said ” In March we had introduced a project to implant microchips in pet dogs through a single-window system. However, later we received numerous complaints from neighbours of dog owners stating that the civic body had issued pet dog ownership licences without any inspection. This prompted us to think of an NOC system. Since houses are built so close to each other in city limits, obtaining permission from neighbours is required for the greater good.”

The health standing committee is planning to bring in a regulation that mandates pet owners to first approach concerned circle office (heath) and submit an application, following which the officials will visit the applicant’s residence. Obtaining NOC of the neighbours would be the last leg of the procedures.