KCR’s Tughlak style delaying Metro Rail: Uttam

KCR’s Tughlak style delaying Metro Rail: Uttam

Describing Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao as ‘Thuglak’, TPCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy has alleged that Hyderabad Metro Rail works were getting delayed due to Chief Minister’s whims and fancies.

Speaking to the media here on Tuesday after the Congress Party Social Media Committee meeting, Uttam said that the then Congress government spent Rs 3,600 crore to bring Godavari waters to Hyderabad city. “The TRS government spent a mere Rs 120 crore for pipeline work and claiming that it brought Godavari waters to Hyderabad”, he pointed out.

Finding fault with the Time Period of GHMC election process, Uttam alleged that the State government unilaterally took this decision and it was not correct on the part of the government and the Congress party will approach court in this regard. “How the government could reduce the time period without amending the existing law in the Legislative Assembly”, he asked.

He also alleged that the government was in a hurry to conduct the GHMC elections and said, “I don’t know why the government was afraid of the GHMC elections and why it was in a hurry to conduct the elections. The government was trying to conduct the GHMC election in a hurry with the fear of defeat”, he asserted.

Alleging that the higher officials were behaving like sycophants of the Chief Minister, Uttam said the officials were acting to the tunes of the Chief Minister. He made it clear that the GHMC elections would teach a fitting lesson to the ruling TRS party and urged the people not to believe in deceitful statements of the TRS party leaders.

Uttam said that social media role was very important in elections theses days and it has to play a key role in the ensuing GHMC elections in spreading the then Congress party government’s developmental programs and the present government’s “anti-people” policies. Ninety percent of the Hyderabad people were using smart phones and the Congress Social Media Committee has to spread the TRS government’s misuse of power and anti-constitutional activities. He also asked the committee to upload photos, video clippings and pressnotes immediately after the programs.

Former MP G Vivek, TPCC Chief official spokesperson Dasoju Sravan Kumar, TPCC secretaries Deepak John, Charan Joshi, Anitha and others participated in the program. (NSS)