KCR’s 2BHK scheme: GHMC left slum-dwellers homeless

Hyderabad : The slum-dwellers of Ambedkar Nagar colony near Ranigunj were dragged out of their homes by the police to quicken the evacuation process to make way for the Telangana Government’s 2BHK scheme of K. Chandrashekhar Rao. 40 dwellings were razed by the GHMC authorities and it came as a shock to the slum-dwellers, of which one of the dweller named Padma fainted to see her 70 year old house in rubbles.
As a protest slum-dwellers occupied the footpaths against the unruly action of the officials. According to the residents, 250 families were removed from the slum 8 months ago and they did not receive any compensation from the government. They fear that same ill-fate will happen to them.
When they approached the court, the judiciary passed an interim order stating “The petitioners should not be dispossessed following due process of law.” But many of the names were missing from the socio-economic survey list issued by the revenue department.
A local leader of the area, Shravan said that “we had sent a letter to the local MRO requesting him to add the missing names, but did not receive any response from him. I personally went to the GHMC office for submitting a plea to extend the deadline for our evacuation since we had filed an RTI for our documents and had not received it. But i was not allowed to meet the Deputy Zonal Commissioner before 1 pm. In the meanwhile, a show cause order was issued to us on Saturday evening to vacate the premises within 24 hours.”
On inquiring, A Shailaja, Deputy Zonal Commissioner said that the slum-dwellers did not respond to the hearings of the court on time and purposely delayed the process. She also said that justice to those 250 families cannot be delayed further.
Interim relief has been arranged by the GHMC to the displaced slum-dwellers at the Vengal Rao Community hall. But the displaced dwellers protest and want make shift dwellings at Bhoiguda.
Siasat Web Team