KCR woos TRS leaders–Offers to fill up 3,500 nominated posts by May

Trying to woo the party leaders and workers during TRS 15th Plenary here, TRS Supremo and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao announced to fill up all nominated posts by May.

Addressing a delegates meeting of 4000 leaders and workers at Cherukuri function hall,  the chief minister reiterated that about 3,500 to 4,000 TRS leaders will get nominated posts. These posts will be filled up by May end and there is no need for  panic for the leaders who strove hard for the separate  state movement. He also asserted that those who performed will be rewarded suitably. Leaders getting nominated posts should avoid  feeling great and those denied should not feel belittled,  KCR cautioned. ‘Let us not think that we have achieved much and nothing left to do in the society. The moment we think of great achievements,  fall or decay will begin’, he warned. Shun the idea of rest and attitude of denying help to others, KCR noted.


‘Let us not relent in the course of public service as we  ought to deliver goods and fruits of labour. Ours is public life which needs unrelenting and persistent efforts to sort out the issues’ the chief minister maintained. ‘We the leaders should be in forefront to get mingled with people and create confidence among them. Our resolve should be welfare and efforts need to be made on a continuous basis to enjoy people’s support or else you will perish’, KCR added.(NSS)