KCR will face Shibu Soren’s fate: Congress

Reverting sensational criticism by the Peddapally MP Balka Suman against the Telangana Political JAC chairman Prof M Kodandaram, Congress leaders advised Suman not to speak like a sycophant of the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and demanded Suman to tender apologies to Kodandaram. It was not proper to the TRS leaders to criticise the leader who didn’t commit any mistake, they suggested Suman and said that Suman was speaking in this manner expecting Peddapally ticket once again or expecting MLA ticket in the next elections or expecting immediate promotion at KCR.

 Stating that Suman spoke against Kodandaram arrogantly at the behest of KCR, they warned KCR that the latter will experience same fate like JMM leader Shibu Shoren, who fought for the sake of Jarkhand state and became the first Chief Minister of that state with huge majority.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Thursday, Congress leaders—Kathi Venkata Swamy, Addanki Dayakar, Bellaiah Naik and Indira Shoban alleged that KCR made Suman to speak in that manner. Kathi Venkata Swamy alleged that Suman has the history of collecting illegal money for the sake of KCR. He said that Suman has no right to criticise Professor Kodandaram and pointed out that Suman yet to complete his student life.

Finding fault with Suman’s remarks that he got ticket along with Addanki Dayakar with the recommendation of Kodandaram, Venkata Swamy lashed out at Suman saying that “we didn’t touch anybody’s feet to get a seat like you. The Congress party recognised our merit. We are proud of contesting from Congress party. We thank AICC chief Sonia Gandhi for giving ticket to us”, he said. “We are not behaving like slaves. I think Suman might have forgotten the fact that he carried KCR’s grandson till to the gate of Sonia Gandhi but stayed outside the residence of Sonia Gandhi when KCR and his family met Sonia Gandhi at latter’s residence”, he said.

Asking the KCR to tell as to why the government concentrated Kodandaram with intelligence wing, Venkata Swamy said that speaking on public issues by Kodandaram and Congress party was coincidence. He warned Suman to be careful and speak with cautious. Alleging that the TRS party was in a insecurity feeling and the present condition was the best example for the rule of coward king, Dayakar asked TRS party to tell as to why Kodandaram not to indulge in politics. Kodandaram has freedom to take his own decision whether to meet the Congress party or not, he said and made it clear that Sonia Gandhi gave tickets by inviting them. Suggesting the Chief Minister not speak falsehood anymore, he asked the Chief Minister to stop the efforts of criticising Kodandaram by staying behind party leaders.  He asked Suman to respond on the issue of KCR giving tickets to his employees, sycophants if he really wanted to respond but not to speak as he wished.

Asking the Chief Minister to tell whether there were any enmity with Kodandaram or was he thinking that Kodandaram was a main opposite leader whether Kodandaram has any grudge towards Chief Minister. He asked the Chief Minister, who achieved number one position, not rule the state with falsehood and not to encourage “chillar”leaders. Asking KCR, KTR and Harish Rao to tell whether they were behind Suman’s criticism, Dayakar suggested KCR to stop such cheap politics.

Warning KCR saying that ‘Kabardar’not to think the Telangana was his ‘Jagir’, Dayakar alleged that KCR seeing JAC as an enemy. “You have not given an appointment to Kodandaram. Kodandaram is not meeting us even though Congress leaders given time to him. He is not meeting Congress leader afraid of you KCR. You may brand him as an agent of Congress party”, he said.  Describing the surveys as fake ones, Dayakar alleged that VDPS will give any rank if given Rs.10crores to it. “According to my survey Congress party will win 80 seats and TRS party will win 12 seats. KTR will contest from Sherilingampally. Nobody knows where from KCR will contest. Harish will lose his next election”, he predicted.

Asking the Chief Minister to speak against anybody but not to spoil the political career of children (Suman), Bellaiah Naik, alleged that KCR was behaving like an agent of Andhra Contractors in separate Telangana state. The rule in the state like a rape on constitution, he alleged and said that the KCR rule was like a role model to ’corruption’. (NSS)