KCR will be in a Position to choose PM, Says KTR

Hyderabad: TRS working president KT Rama Rao today predicted that the BJP will not get majority of seats to form government at the Centre after the ensuing general elections. He also said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s heat has come down in the last five years and the Congress was off the lane. Though the people voted to the BJP to power, Narendra Modi had miserably failed to serve them efficiently and resorted to faulty policies and troubled the common man in the country, he added.

KTR invited Congress leader Anil Yadav of Adilabad into the TRS fold at TRS Bhavan here along with others. Speaking on the occasion, the TRS leader said Narendra Modi has lost faith of people and same is the position in the Congress. The TRS will be in a king-maker position after winning 16 MP seats and one MP of its ally. The Modi government has failed to give funds to Telangana State for development despite recommendation by Niti Ayog as well as Finance Commission, he charged.

KTR said several poll surveys revealed that the BJP may get up to 150 MP seats and its arch rival the Congress some 100 seats in the polls and cannot form a government even if they come together, he quipped. He also said the people should support the TRS to win 16 MP seats to help develop the State. He turned down the comments as baseless that the TRS cannot dictate terms to the Centre by winning just 16 MP seats.

KTR argued that the TRS with just two MPs in Lok Sabha had achieved separate State and with 16 MP seats, Chief Minister KCR will be in a position to dictate terms to the aspiring parties to choose Prime Minister. “This will help us get more funds for development of the State. Let us go with a slogan “Vote for TRS for Telangana Benefit, a vote for Congress will benefit to Rahul and vote for BJP will benefit Modi”.

It is wrong to project only these two leaders for Prime Minister post as there are several others in the country, he said, adding that Modi copied Telangana Rythu Bandhu scheme and launched PM Kisan. Similarly, Chandrababu did so and got Annadatha Sukhibhava scheme. Jai Kisan slogan is for votes for some parties but it is our policy to serve the farmers, he said.