KCR warns opposition leaders of cases if they criticise TRS Govt

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao has threatened to register cases against the leaders of opposition parties if they level baseless allegations against TRS Government.

Addressing a press conference after the declaration of results of Palair Assembly by-elections on Thursday, the Chief Minister claimed that different surveys and personalities, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have declared Telangana State as free from all irregularities. However, he said opposition parties, especially Congress has been leveling baseless charges against the TRS Government. He said people have shown their complete support for TRS in all the elections and by-elections held since 2014. Despite facing humiliating defeat in all elections, the Congress party has not learnt any lessons. Therefore, he said that the TRS Government would not tolerate such allegations anymore and it would register defamation cases.

KCR said that the opposition parties have every right to criticise the misdoings of ruling party. However, the Congress party has been targeting TRS Government without any grounds.

The Chief Minister said that the victory of TRS candidate Tummala Nageshwara Rao with a record majority was a proof that people were extremely happy with the performance of TRS Government. He said TRS had secured just 4140 votes from Palair in 2014 General Elections. Now the vote share has increased by almost 24 times which shows its increasing popularity among people.

KCR also ridiculed the decisions taken during the TPCC’s executive committee recently. He said instead of focusing on people’s issues, the Congress party has decided to wage a battle against TRS Government which is enjoying the people’s support. He said instead of confrontation, the Congress party should learn to present people’s problems before the government.

The Chief Minister also slammed Telangana BJP president Dr. K. Lakshman for his criticism against the TRS Government. Denying allegations leveled by Lakshman, KCR said that while the Central Government has released only Rs. 70 crore, the State Government had spent Rs. 300 crore for drinking water purpose in drought affected areas. Similarly, he said as against the request for Rs. 3,000 crore for drought affected areas, the Centre has sanctioned only Rs. 700 crore. He advised Lakshman and Union Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatraya to concentrate on getting Central assistance for Telangana than criticising the TRS Government. (INN)