KCR ungrateful, overlooked Meira Kumar who had supported Telangana formation – Former Cong. MPs

Hyderabad: Five former Congress MPs of Telangana alleged that Mr. KCR neglected Meira Kumar who had played a key role in the formation of separate Telangana State as the speaker of the Parliament by shutting the doors of the Parliament.

Addressing a joint press conference yesterday at Gandhi Bhavan, Mr. S. Satyanarayana, Balram Naik, M. Anjan Kumar Yadav, Suresh Shetkar and Punam Prabhakar told that the characteristics of the people of Telangana is that they respect those who support them and not those who stab them in their backs.

Instead of supporting Ms. Meira Kumar, KCR supported Mr. Kovind who is a member of RSS and who had passed derogatory remarks against Muslims and Christians.

On this occasion, former MP, Mr. Prabhakar played the audio tape clip to the audience in which Mr. KCR had thanked Ms. Sonia Gandhi for supporting the cause of Telangana and had promised to be grateful to her lifelong but when Ms. Sonia Gandhi nominated a Dalit woman, Ms. Meira Kumar as a presidential candidate, Mr. KCR did not bother even to talk to her on the telephone. Since Mr. KCR was not the Member of Parliament at that time, he is unaware of the role played by Ms. Meira Kumar for the formation of separate Telangana State.

Mr. Yadav termed Mr. KCR as the cheater and said that it is his habit to deviate from the promises he makes. Mr. S. Satyanarayana said that he is working on the anti-woman agenda. He did not include any lady member in his cabinet.

–Siasat News