KCR turning Bangaru Telangana into ‘Debt Telangana’: Sukendhar Reddy

Nalgonda MP and  Congress  leader Gutha Sukendhar Reddy said that TRS party leaders were intentionally creating false  propaganda against him.

Speaking to media persons here on Sunday,  Sukendhar Reddy said that he did not  write a letter to  HUDCO asking it  not to extend  financial assistance to the Telangana government. He said he wrote a letter to  HUDCO to  probe in to  the  defective estimation only.

He also said that Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashakar Rao was  turning   the surplus state into a  debt state. He blamed the KCR government for not allotting proper funds to Mission Bahgiradha and Double Bed Room schemes in the budget.

He added that the  congress party is not against  the development of the Telangana state (TS) but against  the corruption in the name of the development,  and also opposed to  Andhra administration in the name of the “Bangaru Telangana”.

He reminded that  in 2009 Parliament election,  TRS had won only two seats. He wondered how  the  Congress party opposes  development of Telangana, when  Telangana Congress MPs had fought against  the  party high command for separate Telangana.

There is no life to the TRS party in the Telangana,  if Congress party hadn’t given separate state  to  Telangana.(NSS)