KCR takes VH to Pragathi Bhavan in his Convoy!

In a surprise manner, AICC secretary V Hanumanth Rao today visited the newly-built CM’s CampOffice (Pragathi Bhavan) along with none other than the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.


According to Hanumantha Rao, he attended the marriage of TRS Rajya Sabha member Dr K Keshav Rao’s grandson at Gachibowli. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao too attended the marriage. On seeing the Chief Minister, Hanumanth Rao directly asked the Chief Minister as to why he was not giving appointments to anybody. Where is Praja Darbar?, he questioned. He also asked the Chief Minister about Bathukamma Kunta, Hanuman Vyayamshala and Jyothirao Phule Auditorium issues.


Responding Hanumanth Rao’s posers, the Chief Minister invited Rao to his Pragathi Bhavan and took Hanumantha Rao in his convoy to Pragathi Bhavan. The Chief Minister has shown all the new buildings of the Camp Office to Hanumantha Rao and explained about Praja Darbar, Conference Hall. Hanumanth Rao spent about 45 minutes in the Pragathi Bhavan and came to the CLP office.


Asked whether he was happy with the visit of Pragathi Bhavan, Hanumanth Rao told reporters that he will be happy only if the Chief Minister takes action with regard to Bathukamma Kunta, Hanuman Vyayamshala and Jyothirao Phule Auditorium. (NSS)