KCR Spoke Beautiful Lies: Bhatti

TPCC working president Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka alleged that the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was fooling the people by speaking ‘beautiful lies’.


Speaking to the media at Khammam DCC Office Sanjiva Reddy Bhavan here on Thursday, Mallu lashed at the TRS government alleging that the ruling party celebrated festival in the name of plenary as the people of the state were reeling under severe drought. He questioned the Chief Minister whether it was correct on the part of the latter to shower sops in the plenary meeting where the election code was in implementation.

He said that the Congress party will react in proper time on the loopholes of the projects redesigning and explained the same in the power point presentation on irrigation projects by the Chief Minister in the Assembly. The TRS party was working aiming to loot the funds in the name of projects redesigning. He made it clear that the Congress party working as a responsible opposition party. (NSS)