KCR slams Ghulam Nabi on statehood jibe

Hyderabad: Caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today slammed Congress national leader Ghulam Nabi Azad for his jibe that the TRS had no role in achieving statehood to Telangana. “Who else played a key role in the statehood movement? Was it your father? he asked Ghulam Nabi Azad for his remarks against the TRS leadership.

“Let us not become ghulams (slaves) by giving mandate to the Congress and TDP allies as Azad was really a demon who opposed the statehood”, an angry KCR alleged during his political campaign in a public meeting in Nizamabad. He stated the ruling party has kept the promises, including giving safe drinking waters in two to three months besides tiding over power crisis, which was denied by the previous government.

KCR took on the Opposition parties for coming up with a false agenda comprising conspiracy and sans welfare. The Congress Chief N Utham Kumar Reddy has prepared an agenda and the past governments have dumped Telangana. The government is employees-friendly and the intellectuals and elderly persons should not believe in the vicious campaign by the Congress, the TD and the BJP and others conspiring against the self- respect of the Telangana people.
‘Despite the TRS government implemented all welfare schemes, and the Congress “parasites” are blaming us’ he fumed. He praised Agriculture Minister Pocharam Srinivas Reddy as Lakshmi Putrudu for developing Nizamabad in all sectors. He slammed the BJP Chief Lakshman for announcing an agenda to give Rs 5,000 to people, who reside in rental houses.
Listing out the welfare schemes like pensions, two bedroom housing facility, Shadi Mubarak, Kalyana Lakshmi and financial growth surpassing other States and promising to complete the projects, the TRS chief appealed to the people to bless the TRS to power to achieve more development. He said, “Mission Bhagiratha waters will be flown into the habitats of my sisters in a couple of months as 1.50 lakh meters of pipelines were laid though the Opposition created a number of problems to stall progress”.

When the TRS came to power in 2014, there were many problems, challenges, collapsed lakes and water system, dwindled professional communities and a lot of woes for food and employment, he said. KCR said they made collective efforts in a planned manner to tide over power crisis, built projects, gave pensions, he said. Claiming that several schemes of welfare were implemented, he also said pension amounts will be increased to some extent and complete the projects to turn the State into green Telangana.