KCR showing signs of nervousness: Rahul

Hyderabad: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao was showing signs of nervousness and exuded confidence that the Congress-led People’s Front will win Friday’s Assembly elections hands down.

Addressing a joint news conference with Telugu Desam Party (TDP) President N. Chandrababu Naidu and leaders of other allies here to wind up the poll campaign, he said the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) chief’s body language and his comments show that he was nervous and insecurity was building in him.

“He was quite abusive yesterday. He abused a couple of people earlier too and made comments like people of Telangana are not mature and they have no understanding. He also said he is going to take rest. All these are signs of reality coming to him.”

Gandhi said Telangana would be run by people of Telangana with the spirit of youngsters who sacrificed themselves for Telangana.

On who will be the Chief Minister, the Congress leader said discussion on this would start after achieving the goal of removing KCR from power.

“Five years ago people of Telangana had seen a dream and a vision. We are excited to finally start making that dream come true,” he added.

Gandhi alleged that the experience of Telangana over last five years had been betrayal of the dream of people of Telangana especially youngsters, who expected a modern state with new way of doing things but they instead got corruption.

Naidu said they were able to establish hope among people. He said Telangana was one of the best and rich states with excellent eco-system but it was totally spoiled.

“If we put it on right track, the benefits will go to the common man, the farmers, students and the unemployed.”

The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister termed as false propaganda the allegations by TRS that he was trying to stall the irrigation projects in Telangana. He pointed out that all projects except one were started by him and continued by the previous Congress government.

Naidu said while Prime Minister Narendra Modi was creating hatred between Hindus and Muslims, KCR was creating a rift between people of two states. He made it clear that he will have no say in the running the government in Telangana.

The TDP chief said all issues including sharing of river water between the two states could be solve amicably.

Rahul Gandhi said if voted to power People’s Front would focus on creation of employment and addressing the problems of farmers.

“KCR and Modi treated farmers as liability. We are absolutely convinced that farmers are the biggest assets and they need to be treated with respect. When Modi waived off Rs 3.5 lakh crore debt of 15 persons, people are asking why can’t he waive farmers’ loans? We are committed to do it in Telangana.”