KCR- Sher in Hyderabad, Billi in Delhi

Mohammed Ali Shabbir, the leader of Opposition in Telangana legislative council today said that TRS Chief KCR was ‘ Sher in Hyd and Billi in Delhi’ as he failed to get adequate funding for the state un Union Budget-2018.

Addressing a press conference jointly with P Sudhakar Reddy, Dy leader in TSLC Shabbir said that AP MPs and TDP were vociferously fighting for special status, the TRS MPs and TRS government had failed to voice their protest in parliament even as a pittance of Rs.450 crore was granted in budget against a demand for Rs.42,000 crore from the State. TRS MPs had failed to raise issues of Bayyaram steel plant, Kaleswaram project etc promised to Telangana in the AP Reorganisation Act -2014.

Shabbir said the TRS Govt. had totally failed to pursue the 12% Muslim reservation bill and 10% ST bill for ratification of the Parliament even after months of its passage in State Assembly. ‘Where is the bill lying -Home, Law or Parliament affairs ministry, pl tell as the Congress party wishes to raise it during the ensuing budget session for ratification ” he said . ‘Otherwise, the Congress party will take the issue to the public and expose the duplicity and deception of the TRS govt ‘ he said.

Congress demand for special bonus on MSP for Red gram, Red jowar

The LOP said the TRS had utterly failed in providing a good MSP for Red gram, Red jowar and Turmeric farmers in Ranga Reddy, Nizamabad and Khammam districts of Telangana.’ The neighboring Karnataka govt has given a bonus of Rs.400 per quintal for these crops in addition to the MSP of Rs.5600 and put up 40 purchasing centers in each constituencies ofBidar, Raichur and Gulbarga districts.

He said the congress party demanded that similar arrangements be made in Telangana also – more centers, bonus price to Red gram,Red jowar and turmeric MSP and also ensure that payments are made same day to farmers .Currently there are only 3 centers and payments take more than 10-15 days , he said . (NSS)