KCR seeks Rs 5000 Cr new currency, gets just 25 Cr

Hyderabad: RBI has shrugged off its shoulder with regard to supply of new currency for meeting public expenditure. On seeking 5000 Cr, Telangana has been given just 25 Cr. Banks also expressed their helplessness. In this scenario payment to government servants and pensioners has become a grave problem for the state.

Even as the month of November is coming to an end, Government is very much concerned about payments to government servants, pensioners besides Aasra pensioners on December 1. It is hoped that RBI will issue additional new currency to Telangana in one or two days.

Post demonetisation 35000 Cr have been deposited in the banks of the state, in exchange to that not even half of the amount was received by Telangana. Last week in a letter to Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Telangana government had appealed to issue new currency worth 5000 Cr however RBI issued just 25 Cr. As against the 35000 Cr old currency deposited, just 45 Cr new currency was released to Telangana during 20 days.

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