KCR running the State like a Feudal Lord: Mallu Ravi

Hyderabad: TPCC Vice President Mallu Ravi on Friday alleged that the state was ruled by dictator by name KCR, who is ruling the state like a feudal lord. He said that it was not right on the part of KCR to select the ZPTC and MPTC candidates in the state by taking away the powers of MLAs and local cabinet ministers. He alleged that the attitude of the CM was meant to destroy all democratic institutions.

Addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan , he said that they had adopted select and elect method to choose the party candidates in the upcoming elections. He said that they would discharge the role of an effective opposition party if the people of the state handed them over the role of the opposition. He said that the proposed decision of the CM to hand over powers of district collectors to state cabinet ministers was not good and added that such a decision would cause losses to the people of the state Commenting on the decision of the party to receive affidavits from the contesting candidates of the party, he said that they were seeking the affidavits to bind their leaders morally responsible for their deeds.

Party’s spokesperson Harshavardhan reddy alleged that the state government had handed over the maintenance of the website of revenue department to a person close to ruling TRS party’s working president KTR and added that the name of the website run by the friend Of KTR was dharani. He said that website had replaced the state owner NIC website. He also alleged that as the dharani website was not working properly, the rulers of the state had come up with the propoganda that they would remove the revenue department of the state. He said that the state Government had not filled even a single post in revenue department during the last five years.

He alleged that the state government was planning to remove all the teachers associations in the state. He said that the state government has not yet given IR and pension benefits so far to its employees. He alleged that the government employees, who had worked for the creation of separate Telangana state, were being targeted by the ruling TRS party leaders. He asked the rulers as to why they were not implementing GO No.180 to keep couple employees together at one place. He said that all the government departments were being run by in-charges in the state.