KCR represented for categorization of SCs to PM, did not remember Muslim reservations

Hyderabad: The fact how serious TRS Govt. is could be gauged from the representation made by the CM of Telangana State, Mr. KCR about categorization of SCs during the meeting with the PM, Mr. Modi yesterday whereas he did not utter a single word about the 12% reservations for Muslims. He presented a memorandum to PM about SCs only to keep the support of this group for the Govt.


It may be mentioned that SCs have been demanding for the categorization of their castes. A resolution has also been passed in State Assembly. Since the categorization of SCs, falls under the purview of Central Govt., Mr. KCR submitted a memorandum to PM. It would have been better if CM could have made a representation for the reservation of Muslims also. He could have also requested the PM not to oppose the issue of Muslim reservation to the extent of 4% since the case is pending in Supreme Court.


It may be noted that the issue of Muslim reservations is likely to be heard in the Supreme Court in June. In such a situation, all the eyes are cast on the Central Govt. Since BJP and RSS are against reservations, there is an apprehension that the Central Govt. might oppose the issue of reservation in the Supreme Court.


It may be mentioned that Mr. KCR had made announcements more than once that he would exert pressure on the Central Govt. for providing 12% reservation to Muslims by including this issue in the 9th Schedule of Constitution of India. It would have been the best opportunity for KCR to discuss the issue of Muslim reservation in the meeting held yesterday but he spoke only on the issue of categorization of SCs. If he had made an effective representation for providing 12% reservation to Muslims, Central Govt. would have been forced to review its policy since BJP might need the support of regional parties in the future.


Dy. CM of Telangana State, Mr. Kadiyam Sri Hari told in New Delhi that KCR presented a memorandum to PM, Mr. Modi about the categorization of SCs. He further told that justice has not been done in the past to SCs and therefore there is a need for re-categorization of SCs. He thanked the CM.


It is worth mentioning that SCs command a strong influence not only in the Govt. but also in the electoral politics. The support or opposition of SCs group has greater importance in the State politics. Hence CM was forced to make a representation about the long pending demand of the SCs. If Muslims want to get reservation, they should become a political force so that pressure could be exerted on the Govt. to fulfill its demands.



–Siasat News