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Does KCR repent for taking hasty decision to support GST?

Does KCR repent for taking hasty decision to support GST?

Hyderabad: Whether K. Chandrashekhar Rao, Chief Minister of Telangana State who is known for his sharpness in political affairs faulted in supporting Goods and Services Tax (GST)? Is it the result of the hasty decisions of the State Finance Dept. officials to mislead KCR?

These are the questions which prove the anxiety of the newly formed Telangana Govt. which is struggling to make it an exemplary State.

Mr. KCR immediately reacted on GST and supported it fully. The expectations which he had from the Central Govt. were not fulfilled. His dreams to make Telangana a Golden State seem to be getting shattered. GST imposed on Agriculture sector, Mission Bhagirata and 2 BHK scheme is coming in the way of the progress of Telangana.

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TRS Govt. has been making representations to reduce 28% GST on these projects which involve Rs. 19, 200 crore extra burden on State exchequer.

Mr. KCR has threatened the Central Govt. to knock at the door of the Supreme Court in case his plea is not accepted. The Center is not paying heed to his requests continuously.

–Siasat News