KCR pats Collectors, asks them to execute govt programs more effectively

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has reiterated that the government programs should be implemented more effectively through the new districts, formed for decentralization of administration, better governance and for the convenience of the people. The Chief Minister has asked the officials to study each and every family, their living standards, identify the poor among them and design exclusive programs for their benefit.
Addressing District Collectors at Pragathi Bhavan here on Sunday, the Chief Minister said, “The new districts should be stabilized faster. The Collectors are working well. You are visiting hospitals and hostels. You are actively working to find solutions to the problems and issues. I am happy with your performance. I am confident that if you continue to work with the same zeal, we will achieve our goals ahead of the schedules. You are providing leadership at the district level. You’re an inspiration to the administration. Under your able guidance, officials should work more effectively,” the Chief Minister exhorted the Collectors.
Showering praises on the Collectors of the newly formed districts, the Chief Minister said, “There is a wonderful human resource in Telangana State. Identify the human resource and encourage it. The artisans from Jangoan-Pembarthy and the filigree Artists from Karimnagar are world famous for their artistic skills. Such artistic skills are there in abundance in every region in the State. Identify and encourage them,” the CM advised.
“Telangana State stood number one in the country by registering 19.5 per cent growth rate. This is possible due to the uninterrupted power supply being given in the State. We will continue this growth rate in future too. The financial resources that
are accrued should be used to develop the human resource. Study and understand the ground level situation in towns and villages and take measures to eradicate the poverty. Our State has more rural region. Special focus should put on strengthening the rural economy. Identify human resource through Resource Mapping. There are 25 lakh Yadavs in the State. They have expertise in Sheep rearing. There is no need for them to get trained. This is the reason why we have decided to give more encouragement to sheep breeding. It is painful that though we have 25 lakh sheep breeders, we are importing 500 truckloads of sheep from the neighboring States. A stage should come wherein our state start exporting the sheep and this will strengthen our rural economy. A new Sheep rearing policy should be announced in the state and the officials should get prepare for this,” the Chief Minister said.
“Fish breeding should be done on a large-scale. Water is brimming in the lakes and ponds due to Mission Kakatiya program. These water resources will be ideal for fish breeding. Utilise the water available at several barrages and reservoirs planned in the State for fisheries. Prepare a comprehensive action plan for fish breeding at all the barrages, reservoirs and tanks. Many new methods and techniques are available now, utilize them,” he said.
Pointing out that the SCs constitute 16 to 17%, STs 10% and women 50% in the State population, the Chief Minister said the SCs were kept outside the village and STs were confined to their Thandas or gudems. The women were confined to the kitchen. In this manner, over 75% of human resource is being wasted. “Ours is the only country in the world, which is not utilizing the human resource to such a large extent. We have to get rid of this malady. Women, SC and STs should be encouraged. Don’t waste the human resource. Special funds will be provided for the STs and Dalits. We will offer carry forward facilities to these funds. Prepare district-wise plans for SCs/STs. All proposals from the district should come before we present the State’s Budget in the Assembly. Encourage people in Agriculture, Self-employment, Industries and other fields and prepare plans for empowering them,” the CM asked the Collectors.
“We are launching on a massive scale residential schools for the SCs, STs, BCs and Minorities in the State. Identify lands for the setting up of these instructions. Take measures make the residential schools as hub to create better future generations. BCs are large in number in the state. The government is ready to take measures to help fish and sheep breeding and other hereditary professions. Plans are afoot to set up hygienic Laundries, Hitech saloons and other such activity. The state government has commitment towards BCs, other hereditary professions. Special officers will be appointed in the CMO to coordinate these programmes and activities,” the CM declared.
Government Chief Advisor Rajiv Sharma, Chief Secretary SP Singh, Chief Whip Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, MLAs Kanakaiah, Venkateshwarlu, Principal Secretaries from various departments and other senior officials were present at the meeting. (NSS)