KCR has no time to rule the State: Jeevan Reddy

Hyderabad: Alleging that the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was not allotting time to rule the state, senior Congress leader T Jeevan Reddy has said that the TRS government was passing time with celebrations.
Speaking the Assembly media point here on Friday, Jeevan Reddy said that nine districts were facing drought hit conditions due to lack of rains but the government announced only 294 mandals as drought hit mandals in the state. The government not yet released a single rupee to the announced drought hit mandals and it was not providing input subsidy, irrigation water and 100 NREGS working days to the laborer of villages. “KCR has no time to think on such issues and hence he assigned Municipal and Urban Development Ministry to his son KT Ramarao”, he said. The government allotted mere Rs.55 crores to drinking water. There was no water in the projects. The drinking water problem would be solved if the government allotted Rs.1000crore, he asserted.
Finding fault with the government for announcing only 19 mandals as drought hit mandals in Karimnagar district, Jeevan Reddy said that the district collector sent a report with 44 mandals as drought hit mandals. He alleged that the government announced all mandals as drought hit mandals in Medak district as the district was a native district of the chief Minister and demanded the government to re-consider about Karimnagar district mandals following High Court directives. He also asked the government to allot Rs.100 crore to every district to overcome the drinking water problem and other problems. “The government has to provide stipend to unemployment youth”, he asked the Chief Minister. (NSS)