KCR never spoke about Telangana State before 1999: Jeevan Reddy

Alleging that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao never uttered “Telangana word” before 1999, CLP deputy leader T Jeevan Reddy has said KCR enjoyed several positions before 1999 and never spoke about Telangana issue.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Thursday, Jeevan Reddy said the KCR government borrowed Rs 70,000 crore within three years as against previous governments’ debts in the last 50 years were Rs 70,000 crore. He said KCR, who danced to the tunes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, changed his voice and criticizing Narendra Modi keeping 2019 elections in view.
Opining that the State government didn’t allocate budget based on the population in the last four years, Jeevan Reddy said KCR adopted laziness attitude with regard to reservations in the last four years. He also made it clear that the only party protects the rights of ethnic minorities was Congress.

Alleging that KCR brought the Third Front issue on to the screen in the direction of Narendra Modi, Jeevan Reddy questioned KCR to tell whether Ministers Talasani Srinivas Yadav, Tummala Nageshwara Rao and P Mahender Reddy participated in separate Telangana movement. “KCR was the Telangana betrayer and hence he allocated contracts like Mission Kakatiya, Mission Baghiratha contracts to the Andhra people and the credit of running the House without the main Opposition party goes to KCR only. (NSS)