KCR needs to learn from Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

Hyderabad/Abu Dhabi: Recently held two incidents raise a question, ‘Does KCR need to learn from Crown Princes of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan?’.

As per media reports, Mohammed bin Zayed met a 6-year-old girl and spend half an hour with her. He met the girl after a video went viral on social.

YouTube video

In the video, the girl was seen making an attempt to shake hands with the Crown Prince. However, the girl did not get an opportunity to shake hands with him.

After the video went viral, the Prince not only met with the girl but also kissed her on forehead and hand.

On the other hand, Mr. KCR, Chief Minister of Telangana State did not meet with the family of the veterinarian who was raped and murdered.

It may be mentioned that the veterinarian was gang-raped and murdered. Her charred body was found under a culvert near Shadnagar town, about 25 km from Shamshabad.