KCR must fulfill his promise of 12 pc Muslim reservations: Intellectuals

Hyderabad: It is customary for the politicians to deceive Muslims and allure them to use them as vote bank. Not only Prime Minister Narendra Modi but chiefs of all political parties including Chief Minister of Telangana KCR lie to the people. No committee or commission is required to know the status of Muslims in Telangana. Muslims miserable condition is evident from the fact that 4 lakh Muslims are forced to do petty jobs in foreign countries. Were they provided opportunities in the state they won’t need to serve in foreign countries. Government is toying with the sentiments of Muslims. These views were expressed by Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan while addressing a convention on ‘Socio-economic status of Muslims in Telangana state’ organised by Telangana Joint Action Committee, here at Madina Education Centre.

National president of Swaraj Abhiyan, Yogender Yadav, Chairman Telangana Joint Action Committee Prof. Kodandaram, President Jamat-e-Islamic Hind, Telangana and Orissa, Maulana Hamed Mohammed Khan, president Moment for Peace and Justice Khaja Moinuddin, Prof. Mohammed Ghouse, Osmania University, National Convenor Swaraj Abhiyan Adil Mohammed and others took part in the convention.

Speaking further Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan said it is the duty of the government to eliminate poverty of Muslims along with other backward classes. Government must shun excuses and seriously mull over fulfilling its promise made to the Muslims regarding 12 pc reservations.

Prof. Kodandaram said Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had promised 12 pc reservations to Muslims hence he himself is responsible for providing them.

Mr. Hamed Mohammed Khan warned that if the government deviates from its promise of 12 pc reservations to Muslims, this will be destructive for the Telangana government.

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