KCR meets Modi, seeks moratorium on taxes

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to impose moratorium over payment of taxes to the Centre by the state besides easing off the problem of demonetization by pumping in adequate number of new Rs 500 notes and Rs 100,  Rs 50 and Rs 20 notes.

During his hour-long meeting with Modi, the Chief Minister apprised him of financial implications on the state business and exchequer and urged him to see that the old notes are used in villages to avoid problems to farmers and other people. He is learnt to have urged the Prime Minister to give tax exemption to women who saved above Rs 2.50 lakh and take steps to see that the common man is not put to hardship for weeks and suffer due to scrapping of high value notes.

KCR also appealed to the Prime Minister to take immediate measures to see that private hospitals receive old notes which were cancelled by the Centre on Nov 8. The demonetization has adverse impact on various markets, small businesses, hospitals, small time vendors, Kirana and other businesses, KCR informed Modi. It is also said that the Chief Minister apprised Modi of the problems being faced by common man, women and youth queuing up at ATMs and Banks either to exchange their money or withdraw amount only not to avail.