KCR made false promise of 12% reservation: Uttam

Hyderabad: President of Telangana Congress Committee, Capt. Uttam Kumar Reddy told that TRS made the false promise of 12% reservation to Muslims. He further told that people are vexed with TRS Govt. They want to get rid of it as early as possible.

Tracing the history of Congress, Capt. Reddy told that it is 130 years old. It has been formed on the foundations of sacrifice. TRS cannot terrify Congress leaders by imprisoning them.

He was addressing a public meeting at Sangareddy crossroads. The supporters of Jagga Reddy welcomed Capt. Reddy by bursting crackers.

Capt. Reddy also told that KCR failed to accord judicial powers to Wakf Board.

He mentioned that TRS Govt. spent Rs. 6.75 lakh crore during the past four years, out of which only Rs. 2000 crore were allotted for the Dept. of Minorities Welfare which accounts for 1% of the total budget.

Capt. Reddy blamed that KCR did not fulfill his promise of staging protest at Jantar Mantar and knocking at the door of Supreme Court for Muslim reservations.

Capt. Reddy also said that KCR had supported BJP during President and Vice-President Elections.

Speaking about elections, Capt. Reddy told that casting vote in favour of TRS tantamount to helping BJP.

Capt. Reddy questioned the friendship of TRS with both BJP and MIM. He said that TS Govt. allotted a valuable land to MIM for a meager amount Rs. 3 crore whereas its market value is Rs. 30 crore.

He appealed to the people to cast their vote in favour of Congress in order to end Modi Raj.

Condemning the arrest of Jagga Reddy, Capt. Reddy told that TRS is worried about the popularity of Jagga Reddy.

He advised the Muslims that a time has come for them to teach a lesson to TRS since it has joined hands with BJP.

Commenting on the present law and order situation in the country, Capt. Reddy told that Muslims are being assassinated and conspiracies are being hatched to scrap their personal law.

[source_without_link]Siasat News[/source_without_link]