KCR, Kishan reddy in Minor verbal Dual

Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao and BJP Floor leader G. Kishan Reddy on Tuesday were engaged in minor verbal clash in the Telangana Assembly on Tuesday.

While speaking in the House soon after action was initiated against the Congress members, Kishan Reddy indirectly had a jibe at the TRS over the party’s MPs disrupting the proceedings in parliament for the past few days. Without naming any party or member, he quipped that even parliament protests were being witnessed with MPs displaying placards and disrupting the proceedings. However, the Lok Sabha Speaker has not taken any harsh action against the protesting members, he pointed out and wanted the Assembly Speaker to reconsider the suspension of Leader of Opposition Jana Reddy.

Obviously irked by the indirect reference being against the TRS MPs for protesting in the Lok Sabha, the Chief Minister immediately stood up took strong objection to making any reference against those who were not members of the Assembly and were present in the House. No need to talk about the MPs, who are not members of this House. They are wrenching the mikes and indulging in unruly behaviour, but only protesting peacefully, he retorted.

KCR in an agitated tone further observed “we too have great respect and regard for Jana Reddy. But do you know what he has done yesterday. We have also seen the TV footage and the proceedings, he quipped and added that yesterday’s incident was most unfortunate and the House has already taken a decision in the matter. Why drag the parliament in this matter and why this controversy. There is no need for any discussion on the issue and the House should take up the regular business on the agenda, he observed.

The BJP member not to let go the controversy so easily, retorted back as why the Chief Minister was getting impatient and agitated when he had not named any party or member except about the goings on in the Lok Sabha. I was only trying to point out that protests and display of placards were being witnessed in parliament, he observed

However before the issue could prolong and help prevent an agitated argument, the Speaker closed the issue by announcing to take up the question hour. (NSS)