KCR failed to get advantage of GES and PM visit: Shabbir Ali

Mohammed Ali Shabbir, leader of Opposition in TSLC today said that the CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao and IT Minister K Taraka Rama Rao could not achieve anything in recent much hyped Global Entrepreneurship Summit-2017 and Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit to Hyderabad for development of Telangana State.

Speaking to the media at Gandhibavan here on Friday along with TPCC working president Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka and MLC Pongulati Sudhakar Reddy, Shabbir demanded a white paper on what the GES-2017, for which the KCR government spent crores and rolled out red carpet for US adviser Ivanka Trump, brought to Telangana. It was high time that KTR and Telangana Govt to explaine how many MoUs were signed, investments assured and Jobs likely as an outcome of the summit.

He said the TRS had promoted TSIPASS and T-Hub in Hyderabad let government Publish White Paper on How many industries have come to Telangana and how many Jobs created out that how many Telangana youth got employment and how many women entrepreneurs established industries.

Shabbir said that Modi on official visit to state, inaugurated Metro train and not found any time to speak to people of Telangana which was an insult to 4 CR Telangana people, But Modi found time to address BJP workers at Begumpet Airport and praised Sardar Valbhai Patel against Nizam to boost the morals of BJP workers and he was hosting dinner at Falaknuma Palace build by Nizam and showing to Ivanka and others as it was his achievement, he alleged.

He also said that Modi has not announced about the Metro rail of 5.5 K,M Imbliban to Falknuma and connectivity to Air port. People of Telangana wanted to know whether this will be taken up by central funds or State will take up, asked Shabbir.

He said Telangana had lost a golden opportunity to capitalize on the Congress led UPA mooted ITIR project by the then Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh in 2013 which had an assured investment of Rs.1,18,355 crore in IT/ ITES sector and slotted to provide 15 lakh direct jobs and 53 lakh indirect jobs .’Why the TRS govt did not pursue it seriously with their friendly NDA govt at centre ?’ he questioned.
He also said the Visit of USA dignitaries is not new affair. During Chandrababu Naidu’s regime, President of USA Bill Clinton visited Hyderabad and seen the IT and Medical facilities, during Dr.YSR regime, President George Bush visited and seen the agriculture development taken place in the state, that was also not given this much publicity where TRS hyped publicity to the visit of USA President Donald Trump’s daughter.

Shabbir said that it was ironical that a Govt which has very few women MLAs and has no women representative in cabinet, talks of women empowerment at the GES-summit whose theme was – WOMEN FIRST, PROSPERITY FOR ALL’ Telangana Govt and its rulers, TRS, are a laughing stock of the entire event as without a Women leader holding key position in Govt or polity, but only borrowed ones from corporate and other sectors.

The LOP also snubbed the Minister KTR as IT Minister and he projected as IT(Ivanka Trump ) Minister, hereafter he may be called with same name so that people would know the facts.(NSS)