KCR directs officials to expedite construction of irrigation projects in Telangana

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has instructed the concerned officials to expedite the construction of irrigation projects and complete them within two years.

In an extensive review meeting held on Saturday to discuss irrigation projects being undertaken in the state at Pragathi Bhavan, the Chief Minister asked the concerned officials to take up the projects on war foot basis and accomplish the task without any delay and slackness.

He also expressed his anger over the delay of rejuvenation works of Sitarama, Sriramsagar. He spoke to the concerned work agencies and officials and requested them to finish the works as early as possible.

Rao, commonly known as KCR, instructed the officials to pay the compensation for the acquired land for the construction of the projects. The Chief Minister also directed the officials of the finance department to release the required funds for the compensation.

KCR also decided to inspect Medigadda, Sundhilla, Annaram barrages and pump houses which comes under Kalehwaram project on December 18. He will also review the SRSP rejuvenation works.

He discussed the rejuvenation works of SRSP and Kaleshwaram projects and instructed the officials to pay compensation to the lands accumulated for the construction of Kaleshwaram project.

KCR further asked the officials of the finance department to pay a compensation of Rs 80 crore to the persons who lost their land and property for Gandhamalla, Baswapuram reservoirs and instructed the collectors of Bhupalapally, Nirmal, Peddapalli and Bhuvangiri to release the funds immediately.

“Due to the works were taken up for the rejuvenation of SRSP scheme, the availability of water in the flood canals will increase. Water from flood flow canal, flow into off-take (OT) canals and supply to all the surrounding ponds and lakes and also supply water to the basin of Kakatiya Canal – Flood flow canal and fill the surrounding ponds and lakes” said the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister expressed his dissatisfaction over the slow pace of works of rejuvenation of Sitarama Lift irrigation project, Sriramsagar project, and Devadula project and ordered to expedite them.

“Accumulation of funds of Rs 11,000 crore for Sitarama project was completed. There should be no delay and negligence in accomplishing the works,” KCR said. He also spoke over the telephone with the responsible persons of the work agencies. The work agencies promised the Chief Minister to complete the work of rejuvenation of SRSP by May.

KCR also decided to hold a comprehensive review meeting soon on Palamuru-Rangareddy, Dindi, Sitarama and Devadula projects.