KCR didn’t fulfill even a single promise: Mallu

Former MP and TPCC vice-president Mallu Ravi has alleged that Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has failed to fulfill even a single assurance he made during last elections.

Finding fault with Health Minister C Laxma Reddy for using the word ‘previous governments’ every time, Ravi asked the Minister to remember that the TRS government introduced three budgets already.

Speaking to the media here on Thursday, Ravi said the people were eagerly waiting to dislodge the TRS government and made it clear that the TRS party would face defeat at any time elections were held. Ravi challenged he was ready to leave politics if intelligence police prove that Jadcharla Jana Garjana failed. Terming Laxma Reddy as Gobel, Ravi warned Laxma Reddy not to provoke Congress activists