KCR assures comprehensive strategy for 12% reservation for Muslims

Hyderabad: In an exclusive interview given to Mr. Rasheeduddin, Staff Reporter of Siasat Urdu Daily, yesterday at Telangana Bhavan, CM of Telangana State, Mr. K. Chandrasekhara Rao assured that Govt. is proceeding further to provide 12% reservation for Muslims in the fields of Education and Employment with a comprehensive strategy. State Cabinet will take a decision after the submission of Sudheer Commission of Enquiry Report. If need be, a special session of Telangana Assembly would be convened to pass a resolution in this regard.

During the special interview with Siasat, Mr. KCR expressed his seriousness about the implementation of his election promise for providing 12% reservation for Muslims. He further told that Muslims should not have any apprehensions in this regard. Govt. of Telangana knows very well how to get reservations in favour of Muslims from the Central Govt. He mentioned for providing reservations, there is no need for the constitution of BCs Commission. He had already consulted legal experts on this issue. The enquiry report of Sudheer Commission would be sufficient. The commission has almost completed its work by visiting various districts of Telangana State. It is now engaged in the collection of statistics. It will offer its recommendations for reservation for Muslims on concrete grounds.

Mr. KCR further told that it has been estimated the Muslims constitute 12-14% of the total population of Telangana State. There is no legal and constitutional hurdle in providing reservation for Muslims according to the percentage of their population.

He clarified that Supreme Court has not fixed 50% limit for reservations but it has made a provision for giving concrete justification in case the reservations exceed 50%. To say that it is against the order of the Supreme Court if reservations exceed is a sign of lack of information. Govt. of Telangana will provide reservations for Muslims on par with the Govt. of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. He also mentioned that Govt. of Telangana has prepared a comprehensive strategy in this case after consulting legal experts. After the approval of the Sudheer Commission’s report by the Telangana Cabinet, it will send to Central Govt. It has the power to extend reservations in Telangana. Mr. KCR hoped that Govt. of India will not oppose this since, reservations are not being claimed in Central Services. He told that everyone knows about the educational and economic backwardness of the Muslims. During the past 60 years, the percentage of the Muslims in education and employment has been reduced to a larger extent. Providing reservations for Muslims is not gratitude but it is the right of the Muslims. If the Govt. provides reservations to the Muslims on the basis of their population, there won’t be any legal hurdle.

Mr. KCR categorically told that he wants to see the Muslims prospering in every field. He mentioned that during the first year of its rule, TRS Govt. had initiated many welfare schemes for Minorities but he is not satisfied with its implementation. He mentioned that from June onwards, a new era of development for Muslims will start. Govt. is providing 60 English Medium residential schools for boys and girls each. These schools will be equipped with modern amenities. Govt. has already sanctioned teaching and non-teaching staff. A high-level committee under the Chairmanship of senior IPS Officer, Mr. A.K. Khan, DGP of ACB has been constituted. He is reviewing the implementation of welfare schemes for Minorities and submitting his recommendations to the Govt. He reiterated that he is bound by his promise of the welfare of every section of the State.

He lamented that the Muslims, who were rulers in the past have now become backward for which not a single party is responsible. All the parties who were in power for the past 60 years are responsible for it. He mentioned that he is getting the prayers and good wishes of the poor Muslim families for Shaadi Mubarak Scheme. There is not a single village of Telangana in which Muslims are not aware of this scheme. He mentioned that during his recent visit to Warangal in connection with by-election campaign, a Muslim leader of Congress told him that a Muslim couple surprised him by saying that who would oppose the CM who enhanced the aid for marriages from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 51000. Mr. KCR told that he is contented that he has made a place in the hearts of the poor by implementing welfare schemes for their benefit. He wants that his position in the heart of the people should remain intact. He promised that for the implementation of welfare schemes budget provision will not be a hindrance.

–Siasat News