KCR assures 24-hour power in next Yasangi & interest-free loans to farmers

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today wood the farmers by offering to provide “interest free loans” to boost agriculture activity besides implementing investment scheme for their benefit. The Chief Minister wooed the people in general and farmers in particular to support the TRS Government to complete the projects and welfare works. “Kindly bless me and give me strength to keep the promises I made to complete the projects and get Northern Telangana get abundance of waters”, he remarked much to the delight of the people.

Reacting on the demand for loans for the farmers, who direly need funds for agriculture operations, KCR said he will definitely look into the issue. “Of course, the local leaders urged me to look into the demand of the farmers, who need financial assistance. The Government will give 24-hour power from next Yasangi season in the State”, he declared.

Addressing a public meeting at Pochampad after laying a foundation stone for SRSP revival program in Nizamabad district, the Chief Minister announced that he would consider giving the farmers loans without interest. “Right now we are offering 24-hour power supply in three districts on a pilot basis”, KCR said. “On its success, the government is getting ready to extend the same to the remaining districts by next Yasangi (Rabi) season. We have already overcame power crisis and were catering to the needs of agriculture activities. Besides giving interest-free loans, the government has already promised to offer Rs 4,000 per acre and Rs 8,000 for two seasons. KCR said he will go ahead with same spirit of Telangana movement and speed up to complete the projects to irrigate crops for increasing agriculture productivity.

Low cost, more result: Harish

Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao said the projects need low investment, less time and get better results. KCR has nurtured the idea of irrigation projects and the works are going on at fast pace. The TRS Government will certainly complete the projects which were left incomplete by the previous governments. Agriculture Minister Pocharam  Sriniavs Reddy and Housing Minister A Indrakaran Reddy also spoke. (NSS)