KCR Announces Power subsidy to industries in crisis

In what is called a major reprieve to some industries facing crisis in the state, the government has taken a key decision to offer them subsidy on power consumption for one year.    


Chief Minister K Chandraekhar Rao decided to offer subsidy for one year after discussing the issue with Chief Secretary Dr Rajiv Sharma and additional secretary Shanti Kumari on the issue of industries facing predicament including apparel and steel units  in the state. He announced that these industries will be given subsidy as part of welfare of the managements and working force. The decision comes at a time when the opposition  was crying foul on the hike in power charges and RTC charges.


KCR asked the officials to offer the subsidy to apparel industry as well as steel industry to boost their productivity. While the clothing industry will get a subsidized charge of Rs 2 per unit consumption,   the steel industry can use subsidized charge of Rs 1.50 per unit. While 40000 workers are eking out their livelihood in apparel and clothing industry,  about 5000 workers are attached to Ferro-alloys industries. The Government decision will protect their interests. (NSS)