Akbar Owaisi warns TRS Govt against supporting demonitisation

The first day of winter session of the Assembly on Friday witnessed arguments on note ban issue.

During a short discussion, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao frequently interrupted when Akbar tried to corner the BJP and TRS governments on the note ban issue. When Akbaruddin raked up the issue of political corruption by BJP and Congress and Left parties of collecting more than Rs 5500 crore from individuals, the members of those parties tried to disrupt his speech leading the MIM members to storm the House.

After initial remarks by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on note ban issue of scrapping high value Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes and welcoming the decision of Prime Minister, the MIM leader slammed the Modi Government for taking a decision against the Constitution and suggested that the State government to avoid blindly supporting it.

As Akbaruddin tried to explain about the failure of surgical strikes to curb terrorism, Rs 2000 notes flowed to some vested interests despite Modi’s efforts through demonetization, KCR intervened and advised him to confine to note ban topic and its impact on state and come up with suitable suggestions as the issue was under Centre’s purview. Akbar said that he was talking about political corruption and steps sought in the CM’s statement through a meaningful debate. He also stressed the need for ending political corruption and take on black money, corruption as he was not averse to fight against terrorism.

When Speaker S Madhusudhan Chary allowed him, Akbar continued his tirade against the BJP Government for creating an environment not conducive to the people lining up in queues. Akbar opined that people will not excuse the TRS Government if it failed to take steps to tide over the present crisis of demonetization in the State. He also sought to know whether the government can afford for swiping machines and motivate people towards cashless transactions. Note ban led people to face untold misery and hardship at the Banks and ATMs lacking money, he added. Akbar also wanted the Government to call a political meeting if it cannot conduct a big debate in the House on the note ban row. The MIM leader also ridiculed that Modi may use Paytm and Jio Money for UP elections as the problem has arisen out of note ban decision.

At this juncture, BJP leader G Kishen Reddy, TD’s Revanth Reddy, TRS’ Kamalakar tried to disrupt Akbar from talking on the note ban and its impact on the people. Kishen Reddy objected to Akbar’s remarks that he was a close aide of BJP senior leader L K Advani, who expressed displeasure at the logjam in Parliament on the note ban issue. (NSS)