Herb Mela: A medicine to transform ‘daughter into son’ in mother’s womb

The practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine at a herb fair in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, claimed to have medicines that would change the gender of a child when it is still inside the mother’s womb.

Several self-styled vaidyas, or ayurvedic practitioners, are making such science-defying claims at the herb fair organized by the Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led Madhya Pradesh government.

Ironically the MP govt started an initiative to save “the girl child for a healthy gender balance in the society.

A Hindustan Times reporter when inquired with the ayurvedic practitioners at the fair in an appearance of a patient, found out that they were selling medicines claiming that “had the power to change the baby girl into a boy in mother’s womb”.

At least six of them promptly agreed to supply herbs which they said would transform a female foetus into a male one. “Yes, this is possible. I would place a flower on the palm of the woman who wants a son and that would produce the desired result,” said a female ayurvedic practitioner.

When the reporter approached another vaidya, but he refuses to say much in the Mela and ask to contact him over the phone. During the telephonic conversation, the vaidya asked the reporter to buy an ayurvedic medicine from his shop for Rs 1,100.

However renowned Ayurveda Dr Umesh Shukla rejected all such claims saying “No medicine in Ayurveda can change the gender of the baby”.

Meanwhile, the government has claimed that the vaidyas who made such promises must be some “quacks”.