KBC: Meet Anamika who becomes first crorepati of season 9

Mumbai: Anamika Majumdar became the first contestant who won Rs. 1 crore on the current season 9 of “Kaun Kaun Banega Crorepati” (KBC).

However, after winning 1 crore, she decided to quit without playing JIO jackpot question which was for Rs. 7 crores. This episode was shot on Thursday and will be telecast soon, Hindustan Times report.

It is also reported that she would invest her prize money in her NGO for the uplifting of women of her region.

According to the news published in India Today, Ms. Majumdar is a social worker and runs an NGO by name “Faith in India- Female Aura”. She is married with two kids.

It may be mentioned that till now no one won Rs. 1 crore in the current season 9 of KBC. Before her, Biresh Choudhary from Haryana won Rs 50 lakh.