Kavitha has conversation with Sadhguru

 Over 600 people witnessed the much-awaited conversation between Sadhguru and Nizamabad MP K. Kavitha which brought forth a deep insight, with a blend of wit, humour and profoundness, into some of the most complex existential and socio-economic issues of our times. The subject of the conversation was “Women in Leadership – It’s time has come.” The conversation was organised by FICCI Flo, Hyderabad.

Responding to K. Kavitha’s question on reservation, Sadhguru said, “In the election arena, there should be no reservation of any kind. Getting elected should be only by endearing yourself to the people and making sense to the people, not because one is a man or a woman. This is a popular but a very reactionary step and hits the very fundamentals of the democracy.”

After the conversation, Sadhguru departed for Vishakhapatnam to attend the grand finale of the first edition of Isha Gramotsavam, aimed at revitalizing the rural spirit of India through sports followed by an In-Conversation with actress Rakul Preet Singh. In Conversation with the Mystic is an exclusive series of interactive episodes where eminent personalities from various walks of life explore a range of subjects with Sadhguru. Amidst engaging stories and witty jokes, Sadhguru bridges the gap between the modern and the mystical and opens the door to deeper dimensions of life. (NSS)